Macro Mist









These are some of my favorite pictures from my first attempt at macro photography.  My next challenge is to learn how to add a reflection into a drop (before taking the picture, rather than in photoshop), I’ll add it another time if it works.


Nightime Newcastle




Night shots taken in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Tomatoes – Focus Stacking


My first attempt at focus stacking, using four pictures.


Beamish 1_edited

Beamish 2_edited

Beamish 3_edited

Beamish 4_edited

Beamish 5_edited

Beamish 7_edited

Beamish 8_edited

Beamish 9_editedAll of the pictures above were taken at Beamish – The Living Museum of the North.  We went on a very grey day and were not allowed to use tripods, so on many of the pictures I used a large aperture and high ISO, which was not great for landscapes.  I plan to go back on a nicer day to try some different settings and maybe use a discreet gorilla pod.  I was quite pleased with the panning shot of the van because all day I tried this panning technique whenever one of the old vehicles drove by; this was my last attempt on the way back to the car park and it worked.

It’s a great museum with lots to see and when you buy a ticket it lasts for the full year so I can now go back as often as I want, which is cool.

Beamish Close-ups

Beamish 10_edited

Beamish 11_edited

Beamish 12_edited

Beamish 13_edited

Beamish 6_edited

The pictures above were taken on a visit to Beamish, I have kept the close-up shots I did that day on a separate post.  The second last picture is of some sheeps wool I found in one of the little old houses.  We were not allowed to use tripods so I raised the ISO and this is the best I could get.  It was the first time I had been to Beamish since I was a child and loved it – definitely worth a visit.


Susan - Fireworks 2_edited

Susan - Fireworks 1_edited

Susan - Fireworks 3

The pictures above were taken at a local fireworks event.  The display did not last long and I was not happy with my pictures so in the last picture I took some fireworks from various pictures and created a composite.  This is the first composite I have tried but now I know how to do it I plan to try again with some more of my fireworks pictures.


Susan - Autumn 1

Susan - Autumn 2

I think I must be the world’s worst blogger as I never seem to have time to update it but today I plan to add all my recent pictures; and after today keep it updated more regularly.  The two pictures above were part of my homework for an Autumn theme.